The Catholic University of America

Paul H. E. Meijer, Professor Emeritus

Office: Room 205, Hannan Hall

Phone: 202-319-5324

FAX: 202-319-4448


Research interests: Statistical Mechanics of Solids and Liquids;Phase separation, particularly in two component systems. Tielinecalculations in Binary Fluid systems. Lattice gas models. SolidState Theory in modulated structures; Polymer Electronic devices.Mathematical Physics, Group theory.

Biographical Information:

MEIJER, PAUL HERMAN ERNEST, educator, physicist; b. the Hague,Netherlands, Nov.14 , 1921; s. Herman Willem and Elisabet (Kossmann)M.; Ph.D. U. Leiden (Netherlands), 1951; m. Marianne Anita Schwarz,Feb. 17, 1949; children-- Onko (dec.), Miriam, Daniel, Mark, Corinne.My wife is Prof. Emeritus in French at the University of Maryland,College Pk, Md. Came to U.S., 1953, naturalized, 1959. ResearchAssoc. U. Leiden, 1952-1953, Duke, 1954-1955; vis. lectr. CaseInst. Tech., 1953-1954; asst. prof. U. Del., 1955-1956;assoc. prof. Cathol. U., Washington, 1956- 1960, prof. physics,1960-92;Prof. emeritus 1992-; Chm. Dept. 1980-83. vis. prof. U. Paris,1964-1965 and in 1972, Un. Nancy 1984. Part time Nat. Bur. Standards;Short time appt's at: Naval Ordnance Lab., Livermore Radiation Lab.,Naval Research Lab. Night Vision Lab., Ft. Belvoir. Fulbright grantee, 1953-1855; Guggenheim Fellow, 1964-65. Senior Fulbright 1978at the Ecole de Physique et Chimie de Paris. Fellow Am. Phys. Soc.,Mem. European Phys., Soc.; Phys. Soc. Netherlands,Int. Assn. Math. Phys., Sigma Xi. Federation American scientist. Author; (with E. Bauer) Group Theory, 1962. Editor: GroupTheory and Solid State Physics, 1964. Research, publs. Statis.Mechanics Solids and Liquids, group theory, magnetism, graph theory, surface phenomena, monte carlo methods, and other numerical techniques. Home: 1438 Geranium St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20012.Office: Phys. Dept. Cath. Un. Washington D.C. 20064 and Nat. Bur. of Stand., Gaithersburg MD 20899. 

Source: E. W. Montroll, in Proceedings of the Conference on Random Walks and Their Applications in Physical and Biological Sciences, AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 109, p. 1-10 (1984).