The Catholic University of America

Jack R. Leibowitz (Emeritus)

Phone: 505-983-3869
Dept. office: 202-319-5315, Room 212, Hannan Hall
Fax: 202-319-4448

Research interests include: electron-phonon interaction, ultrasonics in metals, superconductivity, Fermi surfaces. Most recent paper: "On determination of the high-Tc pairing symmetry by ultrasonics", PHYSICA C 259 (nos3,4), March 15,1996. Interdisciplinary interest in physics and art. (Honors program course first  introduced in 1982 and given intermittently until Fall 1996.)

New Book: HIDDEN HARMONY:The Connected Worlds of Physics and Art (Johns Hopkins University Press, June 2008)

Fellow of the American Physical Society.