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Supernova In Nucleus of Q502 Mrk477 Disocvered by CUA Intern, LuisFelipe Longo Micchi, under the direction of Dr. Steve Kraemer, Physics Dept, Chair 

 Supernova detected in Hubble data obtained by Professor Steve Kraemer.

Luis Felipe Longo Micchi, a physics major from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and an SWB intern, sponsored by CAPES, for Professor Kraemer and Dr. Henrique Schmitt (Naval Research Laboratory), reports the discovery, with the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys, of a supernova candidate in the nearby galaxy Mrk 477. Mrk 477 possesses an active galactic nucleus (AGN),  in which the central supermassive black hole is being fueled by accreting matter. In the image shown (in negative), the dark area in the center is the region surrounding the AGN. The supernova candidate is the dark spot to the lower left, approximately 5000 light years from the AGN. It may be associated with a burst of star formation surrounding the AGN, which appears to be traced by the spiral structure. Previous images of this galaxy, obtained on 2013 November 24, do not show this target.