The Catholic University of America

How to Run 1Grant Report

Step 1


PI (Principal Investigator) or Designee (with Cardinal Financials Access)


At any time necessary


Go to:

Log in with CUA Username (CUA Email Address) and Password

  • If you do not know your username please contact your Department

  • If you do not know or have lost your password you can reset here:

  • If you do not have Cardinal Financials Access contact your Department/Budget Manager

Step 2


Under “Menu” towards the bottom of the landing page select “Reporting Tools”

Step 3


In the far right box/folder select “Define Scope”

Step 4


In the “Report Scope” Field put “1grant”

Step 5


Hit the “Search” button

Step 6


On this page remove any six digit org/grant numbers already in the field(s) under “select value” then put in the six digit org/grant number you wish to run a report for.

  1. You may run more than one report at a time by using the “+” button to add an additional lines or run only one by using the “-” to remove any access lines

Step 7


Hit the “save” button and then the “report request button”

Step 8


Hit the “save” button again and then the “run report” button

  1. On this page you may select a different date to run the report as of if you are trying to look at what a org/grant looked like in the past but most of the time “today’s date”, which is the default, is what you want

Step 9


Wait a moment or two on this page before hitting the “refresh” button in the top right corner of the page. You may need to hit this button a few time over the next minute or two before the report populates

Step 10


Once the report you are looking for populates it will be a blue hyperlink. You can click the org/grant number you ran from the report list and it will automatically download the report.


Helpful Hints

  • If an you either can not log into Cardinal Financials, but can log into Cardinal Station, or can log into Cardinal Financials but the grant in question doesn’t appear for you then you may not have the necessary access required to run the report. You should contact your Department/Budget manager and will likely need to submit a  Cardinal Fincials Access Request:


Who to Contact

Dept Contact (Physics)

Patrick Burke


Technology Services


Sponsored Accounting

Paul Harrison






  1. Open default browser, login to Cardinal Station

  1. Save the budget sheet onto the computer.

  2. Open the budget sheet in Excel, select the cross section of Total and Actual Expended Amount for the line you would like to drill down (Travel in this case)


  1. Select ‘Add-Ins’ at the top of the Excel menu, click ‘nVisionDrill’ and then  ‘Drill’


  1. A webpage opens→ Set Type to ‘Web’, and click ‘Run Drilldown’ on the first line


  1. Drill Downs take even longer than budget sheets. Click Refresh until the Drill Down appears. \