The Catholic University of America


The Catholic University of America

Department of Physics


 The 36th Annual

Karl F. Herzfeld

Memorial Lecture

"Optical Tweezers:  Gene Regulation, Studied One Molecule at a Time" 

Dr. Steven M. Block

S.W. Ascherman Professor of the Sciences 
Stanford University, California  


Recent advances have led to the new field of single molecule biophysics. Single-molecule techniques can record characteristics that are obscured by traditional biochemical approaches, revealing the behaviors of individual biomolecules. Prominent among the new techniques is the laser-based optical trap, or ‘optical tweezers,’ which relies on radiation pressure to manipulate molecules. Optical traps can now measure biomolecular properties with a precision down the atomic level—achieving a resolution of 1 angstrom over a bandwidth of 100 Hz—while exerting controlled forces in the piconewton range.      

Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 4:00 PM

in the Karl Herzfeld Auditorium of Hannan Hall - Room 108

Reception immediately following lecture

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